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Robbins plots path to financial freedom

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Charting a course: Tony Robbins shares advice gleaned from some of today’s most successful investors, including Ray Dalio, David Swensen and Peter Mallouk

You might ask yourself why you would need a financial freedom playbook from Tony Robbins.

Yes, as a life success coach he is globally famous, but in the world of investments — not so much.

But hold on. In the opening pages of his new book Unshakeable, none other than Alan Greenspan, the former longstanding Fed Reserve chairman, refers to Mr Robbins as the best economic moderator he has ever worked with.

“His mission to bring insights from the world’s greatest financial minds to the average investor is truly inspiring,” he added, and he is not alone in his praise. There are similar words from some of today’s most famed investors and financial moguls, among them Steve Forbes, Paul Tudor Jones II, Carl Ichan, and Ray Dalio.

Unshakeable is hot property. It currently tops bestseller lists, including The New York Times.

Mr Robbins has previously written three books. The most recent was 2014’s million-selling Money Master the Game, his first fully focused tilt at the world of personal finance and investing. Stretching to a mighty 680 pages, in it he interviewed 50 of the world’s most successful investors, including Warren Buffett.

The aim of that book was to help readers secure financial freedom. With Unshakeable, Mr Robbins has essentially distilled the information into a more concise read — around 220 pages — and added key updates.

His mission is to help the average investor win the game of investing and gain financial freedom. The mechanics of doing so, as he explains, are surprisingly simple and largely intuitive.

Core advice includes avoiding excessive fees, investing in index funds, and diversifying assets in order to be in a position to pick up bargains when a market correction or crash occurs. Regarding the latter, this is where the book’s title springs; the ability to be unshakeable no matter what happens in the economy, stock market or real estate, and to have “unwavering confidence even in the midst of the storm” that you have financial security.

Mr Robbins highlights data that shows that trying to time the market, or even sit on the sidelines, are costly strategies compared to being an investor and sitting tight when stocks go south.

Unshakeable is an appealing read. It is written in an engaging style, a hallmark of Mr Robbins as a writer and as a life success coach. The concepts are explained well and pertinent data and background is provided where necessary.

The book features a segment written by Peter Mallouk, the only man to be ranked the number one financial adviser in the US for three consecutive years by Barron’s. Mr Mallouk and Mr Robbins are partners in Creative Planning, an SEC registered investment adviser, a disclosure helpfully stated at the beginning of Unshakeable, and repeated elsewhere.

Mr Robbins concludes on what is, for him, familiar territory — the psychology of wealth and a discussion on real wealth, the art of fulfilment, gratitude and how, as he puts it: “The secret to living is giving.”

During the next eight years, in partnership with Feeding America, Mr Robbins aims to provide a billion meals for those in need. All profits from Unshakeable are being donated to Feeding America.

Unshakeable is published by Simon & Schuster

Charting a course: in his new book Unshakeable, Tony Robbins shares advice gleaned from some of today’s most successful investors, including Ray Dalio, David Swensen and Peter Mallouk