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Bean on FDM: honesty sets us apart

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Marc Bean, the leader of the Free Democratic Movement (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

The leader of Bermuda’s newest political party claimed yesterday that honesty would make his party stand out from the crowd.Marc Bean was speaking after he and 14 more members of the Free Democratic Movement were unveiled as General Election candidates at the Seventh-day Adventist Church on King Street, Hamilton.Mr Bean told the media: “The principle that we are founded on is freedom, one, but most importantly we have to focus on quality justice — honesty is going to stand out as a reflection of what FDM is. “It might not sound like a lot, but when the good people of this country reflect on whether or not politics as a whole has been honest, they will say that it hasn’t. “Everyone who is working here is seeking to have a title before their name called honourable.“If you want the title of honourable, you should start conducting yourself and behave honourably and with honesty.”Mr Bean retired as leader of the Progressive Labour Party and MP for Warwick South Central in November 2018 after taking lengthy medical leave when he was 42.He was known for his uncompromisingly straight speaking — a style that won him support from some corners, but also landed him in controversy.Mr Bean reflected on “the good, the bad and the ugly” of his earlier political career.He said: “I put my hand up for all the errors and mistakes I have made. It takes two to tango. I have no regrets, I just have to learn from that experience and come back and see how I can give more service to the country.”Eight of the FDM’s candidates are women.Mr Bean said: “We don’t put them in place because they are women, we put women in place because they have the qualities to be leaders in this very own right. When you represent the FDM, you are here because you earned it.”He added: “Some people might not accept it, but the reality is that Bermuda needs change and Bermuda needs a new direction, new impetus and new energy.“We hope that our presence encourages stronger participation in democracy, especially from our young people. I am looking out for the good people of this country where we have placed candidates to make a decision and it is their choice.“We are all human, we all have frailties, everyone has the opportunity to go from strength to strength. We are not saying we are perfect, but we will strive to be an example of what good, honest stewardship is.”

Marc Bean, the leader of the Free Democratic Movement (Photograph by Akil Simmons)