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Favourite Marc Bean says crime problem can be overcome

Senator Marc Bean

Marc Bean is backing family spirit to bring an end to a spate of break-ins in Warwick South Central.The Progressive Labour Party candidate the strong favourite to succeed his mentor Ewart Brown as the Constituency 26 MP says his canvassing has revealed a “tremendous amount” of burglaries have taken place in Pearman’s Hill.He told a public meeting at Warwick Holiness Church last night: “I’m not going to tell you how I’m going to solve it, but through grassroot connections, we will solve it.“Because of the strength of the family unit in 26, many of the challenges we face we will able to collectively face. My responsibility is to help you help yourself.”Mr Bean declined The Royal Gazette’s offer to join him in on his campaign trail for this article, but last night he told an audience of about 60 people of issues residents had raised with him.Pearman’s Hill burglaries were first on his list, but he said he had been impressed with the family togetherness throughout the area and believes that will turn crime around.“As a leader I have to be an eternal optimist,” he said. “What I have seen on the doorstep is pure love, respect and beauty.“We all know the reputation of Jones Village in the past. I’m going to tell you that is the past. It no longer squares with the community.“When I went down there what I discovered is that the people who were involved in that behaviour that led Jones Village to have that reputation, the spirit of their friends and family have transformed their behaviour.“That’s something you [the residents] can take credit for.”Mr Bean, a self-confessed speeding motorcyclist himself, also told constituents they can expect speed bumps to be installed in Khyber Heights Road.“Any time you have a stretch in a neighbourhood, it will be a race track,” he said.“Senior citizens of Khyber Heights do not feel as safe with that type of behaviour so look to see a few speed bumps on Khyber Heights Road.”He also vowed to work with the management of Pembroke Hamilton Club (PHC) to erect a new club, which many in the community have been calling for over the past few years.Premier Paula Cox, Deputy Premier Derrick Burgess, National Security Minister David Burch and Economy Minister Kim Wilson all spoke at last night’s meeting to back Mr Bean and address issues raised by constituents.Ms Cox said Mr Bean has shown commitment, conviction and courage, and has the passion to make a difference.“If I had to have another kid brother, he represents the type of kid brother I would want,” said the Premier, who explained he often sends her friendly emails.Sen Burch pointed to figures showing $8.3 million worth of drugs were confiscated by police in the first nine months of this year.He said much of this was seized before it even reached Bermuda, underlining the importance of his relationship with the United States and the Caribbean.The Minister said Bermuda has suffered 210 reports of gun incidents this year, 64 of which were confirmed and 146 unconfirmed. He said he was encouraged this shows people are at least reporting incidents to the police.But he warned police’s overtime bill was going to be high as more officers have been put on the street in response to demands from the public.Mr Burgess spoke of his frustration that fatal accidents keep happening despite cash being poured into making the roads safer. He said most crashes seem to be a result of drunk driving or speeding, and said Government has no money left to do anything more in blackspots such as Crow Lane.Sen Wilson urged unemployed people to take advantage of opportunities available through Labour and Training and the National Training Board. She said people can also get career guidance so they can make the most of their skills.