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Louise Jackson will retire from Parliament

Louise Jackson, MP for Pembroke South West, has decided to retire from parliamentary politics and will not be running in the next General Election. But Mrs Jackson, who at 80 is the oldest member of Parliament, says that does not mean she is quitting the political stage as she wants to continue her advocacy work and help ensure that the One Bermuda Alliance becomes the next Government. “I’m going to continue working for the OBA,” she said. “I’m going to continue to fight for seniors’ rights. And I am going to continue to work in any way I can to improve the lot of seniors in Bermuda and I think I can best do that with the OBA.” Mrs Jackson has made a name for herself as a fierce advocate for senior citizens. She was elected to the House of Assembly under the banner of the United Bermuda Party in 2003 and handily beat off challenger, LaVerne Furbert in the 2007 election. Asked why she would quit elective office if she wanted to continue her work on behalf of seniors, Mrs Jackson said: “There are other ways you can contribute. There’s nothing else I can tell you. I will be out there.” She said: “I am going to stay and fight for the people of Bermuda. There are all kinds of ways to do that.” And Mrs Jackson insisted that she alone had made the decision to quit parliamentary politics Yesterday OBA Leader Craig Cannonier confirmed that Mrs Jackson had decided to call it a day. But he added that the OBA wants her to continue serving the country. “Mrs Jackson has informed members of her constituency that she will not be a candidate in the next election,” said Mr Cannonier. “The party is looking for ways to make sure she continues to serve Bermuda as effectively as she has through a long and distinguished career in Parliament and across the community. He said: “For years, Mrs Jackson maintained a sharp watch on the Island’s health services speaking for improved hospital services, better standards of care in our rest homes and a system for FutureCare that is fair, effective and sustainable. “She has proved to be a powerful advocate for seniors and continues to perform in that capacity every day. Mrs Louise Jackson, in our view, is an essential voice for Bermuda’s seniors.” Mr Cannonier added: “In short, Louise is an important part of the OBA team. “She’s a fighter for the rights and dignity of people and that energy and sense of justice will always have a place in our party and in the life of Bermuda.” Yesterday the OBA said Mrs Jackson’s replacement has not yet been decided upon. “No final decision has been made. The party has more candidates than seats available and that is the situation we are working through in a systematic way,” said party Chairman Thad Hollis. “The results of any decision taken will come clear with our ongoing candidate roll-outs.”

Louise Jackson has announced she is to retire from Parliament.