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House: Deloitte report on airport tabled

Minister of Finance Bob Richards

A voluminous report appraising procurement for the airport terminal redevelopment has been tabled in the House of Assembly.

Finance Minister Bob Richards said his ministry had taken on the firm Deloitte, in conjunction with the British Government. Commissioned in March and driven in part by “anxiety in the public domain”, the report is hundreds of pages long and cost about $130,000 — roughly half of which has been covered by the British Government.

The evaluation, which will come up for debate by MPs, did not cover architectural designs but costs, economics and value for money.

It examines “whether the existing analysis and documentation on the proposed Bermuda Airport Development was sufficient to support an investment decision based on HM Treasury’s Green Book guidance for the evaluation of public sector spending proposals”.

Green Book prescriptions assume a competitive bid process and the Bermuda Government is not obliged to follow Green Book standards, Mr Richards said.

“Considering where we are in the process, the findings in the report are not surprising, and we still have opportunities to close the gaps identified in the Deloitte Report before entering into any contracts,” the minister said, adding his certainty that the report would add “substantial value to the project”.