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House of Assembly returns

Sylvan Richards, Minister of Social Development and Sport, is set to return today to the House of Assembly

The House of Assembly is set to return today, discussing an expansion of human rights legislation to further block discrimination.

It is understood that during today’s session, the House of Assembly will debate the Human Rights Amendment (No 2) Act 2016, which would change the definition of the phrase “disabled person” to include mental impairment. The amendment would also prohibit the publication of notices which discriminate based on criminal record, disability, ethnic or national origins, marital status, religion, political opinion, sex or sexual orientation in addition to race and colour, which are already included in the legislation.

The House is also expected to debate the International Co-operation (Tax Information Exchange Agreements) Amendment Act 2016 and consider the draft hotel concessions for the Tucker’s Point Hotel and Resort.

According to a revised order paper, the Government will table a sale and purchase agreement for the Harrington Sound Post Office, along with financial records for the Bermuda Tourism Authority early in the session.

The session will be the first for the recently reshuffled Cabinet, which now includes Sylvan Richards as Minister of Social Development and Sport and Cole Simons as Minister of Environment.