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Weeks: Don’t be violent to one another

Safety plea: Michael Weeks shows his support for Somerset (Photograph by Sideya Dill)

On the eve of Cup Match, Michael Weeks of the Progressive Labour Party is issuing a call for the community to stay safe — and to spare a moment to reflect on the holiday’s meaning.

Amid the festivities and cricket rivalries, Mr Weeks said we should never forget that the roots of Cup Match stretch back to the emancipation of enslaved Bermudians on August 1, 1834.

“As we celebrate this holiday, we should remember those men and women who fought for our freedom and those who continue to work to liberate people from physical and mental slavery around this world, regardless of colour,” said the Shadow Minister of Health and the Opposition spokesman on community affairs.

The Pembroke East Central MP also pointed out that Bermuda’s last holiday weekend, National Heroes Day, closed with the tragic shooting of Fiqre Crockwell, a gifted cricketer who would have been representing St George’s tomorrow.

“More than our moment of silence on the cricket pitch, when are we going to have a national moment of silence so that we can reflect on these senseless gun murders?” Mr Weeks said. “No matter how we celebrate, let’s not be violent towards one another.”

In considering the death of Mr Crockwell, Mr Weeks turned to the loss of another sporting figure, Tokia Russell, whose life was claimed by a crash on June 22.

“We have lost more men to the road than to gun violence,” said Mr Weeks, adding that he lost his son, 24-year-old Malik Weeks, to a crash in 2012 on another holiday — Christmas Day.

“I implore our young people especially not to drink and drive. Be courteous on our roads. Slow down,” he said.

Keeping mindful of the holiday’s spiritual dimension is key for an event that has grown increasingly commercial, Mr Weeks added.

“When we’re out on the beach or in the back yard, we talk first of barbecues and as an aside we talk about what Cup Match really means,” he said.

“How many of us truly take the time to educate our children as to those that went before us, and the men and women that have struggled in our emancipation?”