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House: Dunkley, Fahy security costs revealed

Senator Michael Fahy and Michael Dunkley, the Premier (File photograph)

More than $24,000 has been spent on security for the residences of Michael Dunkley, the Premier, and Senator Michael Fahy, the House of Assembly heard this morning.

The home of Mr Fahy, the tourism and transport minister, was secured at a price tag of $12,491 as of 2013, while the Premier’s home was dealt with to the tune of $11,775.

The figures came from Mr Dunkley, responding to parliamentary questions from Progressive Labour Party MP Derrick Burgess.

Mr Dunkley added that he had personally carried some costs to work at his house, since it would remain in place after he had stepped down from office.

The Premier was also asked who had authorised the investigation of Ewart Brown, the former premier, which has run up a cost of $2 million as of June.

Mr Dunkley replied that only the Commissioner of Police could commence and conclude the criminal investigation, which began in 2012.