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Senate: Hayward applauds geography book

Senator Jason Hayward (File photograph)

A Bermuda-focused geography book will lay the foundations for young students to understand the world around them and beyond, according to junior education minister Jason Hayward.

Young Geographers, written by former CedarBridge Academy geography teacher Rebecca Chewitt, will introduce P1 to P6 students to geography and teach them about the Bermuda environment.

The initiative was led by Lisa Marshall, education officer for social studies, and Wendi Fiedler, of Panatel VDS Ltd.

Mr Hayward told the Upper House today: “We all understand the importance of planting seed when the soil is fertile.

“This is our intent as we expose the fertile minds of our primary school students to understanding the origins and features of the environment.”

The Progressive Labour Party senator said that the basic concepts in this book will be the foundation for students to build on and “conceptually link to the global perspective” as they continue their schooling.

He said: “Our teachers will expose our P1 to P6 students to the world of geography in the Bermuda context through the use of this text book.

“Students will learn about the various types of geographical maps, how to read city maps and interpret information tables, graphs, compass points and geographical scales.”

Mr Hayward said it would also teach pupils how to navigate the cities of Hamilton and St George’s using topographical maps.

“They will understand the geographical size and structure of the island as it relates to parishes and the many smaller islands linked by bridges.

“There will be lessons taught on Bermuda’s land formation, its natural rock, caves, Bermuda vegetation, its local plants and animal life.”