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Wilson: more than half back new sugar tax

More than half of people surveyed by the Government support a new tax on sugar, health minister Kim Wilson revealed on Friday.

Ms Wilson told MPs the impact on the baking industry of a tax on raw sugar had been taken into account.

She said: “This concern will be considered further as the consultation feedback is analysed and we refine the policy direction.

“Options may be available to help us advance the policy objective to reduce sugar consumption, without disadvantaging local businesses.

“I’m certain we will be able to find the right balance to promote healthier eating among our residents.”

Ms Wilson gave the House of Assembly details on feedback from the 345 members of the public who responded during consultation over the proposal.

She said an interim report on the survey showed:

• 52 per cent of people were in favour of a sugar tax, with 44 per cent against

• 29 per cent believed 100 per cent fruit juice should be included in a sugar tax

• 37 per cent believed milk-based items should be included

• 47 per cent believed dilutables should be taxed

• 60 per cent believed candy should be taxed

• 43 per cent believed the tax should set at 75 per cent

To read Kim Wilson’s statement in full, click on the PDF under “Related Media”.