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House: Ministerial questions

Ministerial questions from the House of Assembly on Friday, June 7

Question to Lieutenant-Colonel David Burch, the Minister of Public Works, on the West End Development Corporation

Susan Jackson, the Opposition Whip and Shadow Minister of Government Reform: “I was just wondering if the Minister might be able to give us any insights into the development or otherwise of the eastern-facing shoreline where the dry dock is? So right now ferries are brought up on dry dock in public boats and I know that at times there had been some concern about the safety of tourists and residents walking across that dry dock area, and then also just for beautification purposes, opportunities for maybe some sort of small boardwalk with restaurants and such, and I was just wondering whether that was still on the plate or otherwise.”

Colonel Burch: “There are no immediate plans to move that area at this time.”

Question to Zane DeSilva, the Minister of Tourism and Transport, on the PGA golf tour

Craig Cannonier, the Opposition leader: “On the second page the Honourable Member says that the Bermuda Tourism Authority has signed a five-year agreement. I guess what I was curious about, do we know what that cost is now for the PGA Tour since we will be the title sponsors here in Bermuda?

Mr DeSilva: “Yes, the cost is $3 million a year.”

Mr Cannonier: “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”

Mr DeSilva: “The cost is $3 million per year.”

Mr Cannonier: “Considering that, is the Minister aware or have any additional funds been asked of Government to act and to contribute to this?”

Mr DeSilva: “No there haven’t.”

Mr Cannonier: “Once all finalised, would the Honourable Member be willing to at least table the agreement so that we’re aware of all of the details?”

Mr DeSilva: “Unless there is any sensitive information I would be happy to do that and I’ll be happy to share with the Opposition Leader.”

Question to Wayne Caines, the Minister of National Security, on Exercise TradeWinds

Sylvan Richards, the Shadow Minister of Home Affairs and Environment: “Would the Honourable Member inform the Honourable House what was the size in terms of numbers of the Bermudian contingent to attended Exercise TradeWinds in the Dominican Republic?”

Mr Caines: “It was ten, including myself.”

Mr Richards: “Would the Honourable Member advise whether there will be a similar-sized contingent that will attend phase two in St Vincent and the Grenadines?”

Mr Caines: “As per the statement, the second part would be the significant part where we have taken an entire company down. We expect we are actually chartering a plane, as the Bermuda Regiment does every year, to take the soldiers on overseas camps.

“We believe an entire company — I’m not sure the numbers we’re working with, we believe it to be about 120 soldiers — will be going to the second phase of TradeWinds in St Vincent.”