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House: Ministerial questions

Ministerial questions from the House of Assembly on Friday, June 21

Question to Diallo Rabain, the Minister of Education, on plans for scholarships at The University of the West Indies

Jeanne Atherden, a One Bermuda Alliance MP: “$35,000 is going to be dedicated from the scholarship budget, but you would be able to get three scholarships. Could you indicate perhaps to this House what’s the range of the tuition at this particular university?”

Mr Rabain: “First I would like to preface the answer by stating that The University of the West Indies is ranked in the top 5 per cent of all universities worldwide and because of our relationship — that unfortunately has not been promoted in the past — we enjoy preferential pricing on the courses.

“And when we looked at it, the average course per year, including room and board, can range from around $9,000 — $11,000, so that’s where we get the idea of potentially three scholarships for $35,000.”