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Costs of two UK trips yet to be logged on Government travel calendar

David Burt, the Premier, visited London for talks last month (File photograph)

Voters have still to be told the cost of two high-profile international trips by the Premier and Deputy Premier despite government assurances it would “continuously” update information about ministerial expenses overseas.

David Burt attended a gathering of the leaders of the UK Overseas Territories and British ministers in London last month, and Walter Roban was at the climate crisis summit in Glasgow, which began in October before heading on to the British capital.

The money spent on such trips is usually posted on the Travel Calender section of the Government’s website, but no entries have been made there since February last year - the early days of the Covid pandemic.

When the register was revamped in October 2017, the Government promised it would give a rapid insight into how public money was being spent by ministers.

Lovitta Foggo, the the Cabinet Office minister, said at the relaunch: "I am pleased to reintroduce the minister's travel expenses page on the government website. The new page contains current and historic information and will be continuously updated as ministers travel overseas.

"I am committed to full transparency and this page will detail the location and reason for a minister's international travel together with how much they spent while travelling."

Mr Burt said while in London that he had made it clear to British ministers that he did not expect legislation approved by Bermuda’s Parliament to be refused Royal Assent.

This has become a live issue as moves to liberalise cannabis laws are scheduled to go back to the House of Assembly early next year.

Mr Burt has warned that relations between Bermuda and London would be “destroyed” if legislation passed by MPs failed to be given Royal Assent.

Mr Roban, the home affairs minister, spent several days at the environmental summit in Scotland and later attended official engagements in London.

There was no response to questions from The Royal Gazette by press time last night.