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Lawrence Scott rules out deputy leader challenge

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Lawrence Scott, Transport Minister (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Lawrence Scott, the transport minister, has decided against trying to topple Walter Roban as deputy Progressive Labour Party leader and deputy premier.

Mr Scott raised eyebrows earlier this month when he said he was considering launching a challenge to the home affairs minister for the position of number two in the party.

The transport minister told The Royal Gazette: “I’m not running.”

Asked why he had reached that decision, Mr Scott said: “Multiple factors. To cut a long story short it is a combination of professional goals and objectives.”

The transport minister said his decision had not been influenced by the announcement by Curtis Dickinson, the former finance minister, that he would be challenging David Burt for the PLP leadership and the Premier’s position at the party’s October delegates conference.

Pressed on whether he was in Mr Burt’s camp or Mr Dickinson’s camp for the PLP leadership battle, Mr Scott said: “That is inappropriate for me to share.”

When Mr Scott told The Royal Gazette three weeks ago that he was considering a bid for the PLP deputy leadership he did not deny claims he had announced his stance at a Cabinet meeting in a move that reportedly left Mr Roban “speechless”.

Walter Roban, Deputy Premier, and Minister of Home Affairs (File photograph by Akil Simmons)

Mr Scott said at the time: “I’ve said it multiple places. I can’t talk about what is said at Cabinet.”

The transport minister said that he and Mr Roban had a “conversation” about the situation in the summer.

Mr Scott had until September 28 to declare whether he was running or not.

If he had been successful in any such challenge, he would have become deputy premier as a consequence.

Elections for the PLP leader and deputy leader usually only occur every four years.

Party branches elect delegates depending on how many PLP members they have and they then get to vote in any contest.

The women’s caucus and youth wing also get one delegate each.