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BF&M to stage 21st breast cancer walk

Showing support: promoting the BF&M 21st Anniversary Breast Cancer Awareness Walk are, from the left, Kim Wilson, Minister of Health, Kristin Burt, patron, Tara Curtis, executive officer of Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, and John Wight, CEO of BF&M (Photograph supplied)

Insurance company BF&M Ltd has supported breast cancer awareness on the island for the past two decades, and it will continue to do so with the BF&M 21st Anniversary Breast Cancer Awareness Walk on October 18.

The walk attracts hundreds of participants and has raised millions of dollars in support of Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre.

John Wight, chief executive officer of BF&M, said: “Charitable giving has always been a pillar of BF&M culture and as a Bermudian company with a 114-year old heritage, we care immensely about the wellbeing of our community.”

He added: “As an insurance company, we are aware that the medical costs of treating cancer of all kinds increase each year. Breast cancer is one type of cancer that BF&M has taken a particular interest in, because it has hit so many of our BF&M families and friends over the past 20-plus years.”

The walk starts at Barr’s Bay Park at 6pm on Wednesday, October 18. There is a health fair beforehand, which begins at about 4.30pm. The fair is open to all and is organised by Brenda Dale, of BF&M.

The company has offices in Pitts Bay Road, and sells life, property and casualty insurance products. It has an interest in developments in the field of cancer care, from a business standpoint, but also on a personal level.

Mr Wight said the walk captures the commitment and passion of BF&M’s staff.

“It allows us to ‘walk the talk’ — literally. Our employees feel it’s important to talk and educate about the issue,” he said.

“On the day, a large number of BF&M staff volunteer at the event, providing water, fruit and giveaways. The whole month of October is dedicated to the cause, and it has been the tradition for many years now for us to have a weekly Friday Bake Sale in the office through the month of October, to raise additional funds.”

Tara Curtis, executive director of Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre, expressed gratitude for BF&M’s long association and support for the centre.

She said that since 2008, when she joined the organisation, the centre has conducted more than 112,000 patient appointments and diagnosed hundreds of cases of breast cancer.

“Annually in Bermuda, the island records approximately 60 new cases of breast cancer. Without the continued support of BF&M, Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre would not be making such an immense impact for detecting this disease,” she said.

Registration for the walk is available online at www.racedayworld.com. Walk packs are also available at BF&M, Sportseller or the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre