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RG Business Podcast

RB Business presents the Navigate Bermuda Series. This series of podcasts examines global business in Bermuda, the industry’s and sectors that lead its economy, and the impact it has globally. Join our host and subject matter experts from across Bermuda in conversations that are shaping the next generation of Bermuda.

Business Outlook 2022

This podcast is a an open discussion based on the Business Outlook Feature in the Royal Gazette. Join host Shivani Seth with the experts, where they discuss the economic outlook for Bermuda for 2022: In the words of Jonathan Kent “we need to think long term…”, with Nathan Kowalski reinforcing the need to support local business, and what actually lies in Bermuda’s future success? Listen in to learn more.

Jonathan Kent is a local Business contributor to RG Business, RG Mags and The Royal Gazette.
Nathan Kowalski is the new President of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce.
Shivani Seth is the Producer/Host of the RG Business Navigate Series.