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Joell in flying start at Worlds

Young sailors prepare for the opening day of the IODA World Sailing Championships in Langkawai, Malaysia, yesterda

Makai Joell is leading the way for Bermuda at the IODA World Sailing Championships in Langkawi, Malaysia.The 14-year-old has impressed the international field with two top ten finishes out of the first three races of the regatta. In the first race Joell rounded the windward mark in third, was fourth at the gate and eventually finished ninth.He sits in 28th place with finishes of 9, 26 and 8 during yesterday's opening day.Bermuda's Sam Stan sits in 98th place but there appears to be a scoring error, which should be sorted out by the start tomorrow. Stan officially has a Did Not Finish, 14 and 21.Ceci Wollmann is the next Bermudian in 135th place with results of 27, 63, 48. Antonio Bailey is in 143rd with scores of 43, 56 and 40, while Chase Cooper is in 165th with his 59, 43 and 49th place finishes. Ren Re Jr. Gold Cup visitorsTeam Leader Anthony Bailey said: “The day started off with high anticipation of the first warning signal.“The wind at the dock was blowing five to seven knots and the team appeared ready for the task at hand. Coach Zizi Staniul had given the sailors their last pep talk and it was now all up to them to put into action the past four days of training.”Bailey added: “The wind was blowing six to eight knots with a slight current of four metres per minute flowing in the same direction as the wind, and the wind was very shifty. “Coach Staniul said: “The day offered less than perfect sailing conditions as the wind dropped as low as two knots in the second and third race however everyone had to race in these conditions. I would like to see our sailors improve on their starts.“However, this is only day one of the regatta and the team must maintain their focus and put in the same effort each day as a regatta cannot be won on the first day but it can be lost if the level of focus is not maintained.”Bermuda have joined 235 other young sailors from 56 countries by competing in the Optimist dinghy's penultimate contest in both individual and team racing.More details and complete results are available on the Bermuda Team Blog at http://bodasailing.blogspot.com/