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Day will celebrate women’s football

Celebrating women: the BFA is holding a tournament on Saturday as part of the Concacaf event (File photograph by Mark Tatem)

Bermuda will be one of 41 countries in the region taking part in the Concacaf Women’s Football Day on Saturday.

All events in the region will start at the same time, 12pm in Bermuda, with a five-a-side tournament at the Clyde Best Centre of Excellence in Prospect.

Players aged between 13 and 20 are invited to come out and participate.

Shequita Parson, the chairwoman for women’s football at the Bermuda Football Association, said: “This is the second annual event, they started a women’s football day to help increase and promote participation in women’s football within our confederation and this year we have all 41 members participating,” Parson said.

“We have chosen to do a three versus three or five versus five tournament but had options of doing a grassroots festival or football skills challenge. We did a combination last year of football skills and grass roots so this year we thought we’d go with a tournament to target the ages of 13 to 20.

“It will be a round-robin tournament. We would like at least 50 girls and if it is more we’ll accommodate them.

“We thought we would use the Concacaf Women’s Football Day to target the next age group and try to put our numbers together for what we’re planning for the future. We will have a lot of our academy girls participating, especially the under-15s who will be travelling this summer to Disney World.

“We will have some of our under-17 and under-20 players participating as well.

“We bombarded the public and private schools and the clubs to send their girls to support the initiative.”