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Building friendships and a healthier lifestyle

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Megan Andrews, of the Louisiana-based Crazy Train

You don’t have to come first to be a winner in the Bermuda Marathon Weekend.

For some runners with the Louisiana-based Crazy Train, it’s all about strengthening friendships with like-minded individuals who are trying to get fit.

The group, led by trainer Megan Andrews, comprises runners of all abilities, from seasoned competitors to those who simply decided they needed a bit of exercise.

“We have people who are just starting out, and some who are a lot more experienced,” said Andrews.

“Some run seven-minute miles, and some take 14 or 15 minutes, which you might think isn’t much quicker than walking pace. But it gets them out there and a race like this makes the exercise a little more fun.”

The Crazy Train is bringing 29 members to Bermuda to take part in the races, as well as seven spectators to cheer them on.

“We picked Bermuda because we wanted to do something international but not too far away,” said Andrews.

“The majority of people train year-round on their strength and conditioning. One of our goals is to get people into a healthy, active lifestyle. But it doesn’t just have to be about showing up to class. It can be much more than that. With an event like this, there is the camaraderie of people helping each other out and making sure they turn up.

“We have our Facebook page and even when they don’t know each other very well the members can still send messages to each other. Everyone feels welcome and invited.

“This kind of event truly brings them closer together. They’re taking a weeklong vacation which means they can really get to know each other.”

Andrews was training just ten people when Crazy Train began; now she has 150 people spread across three different cities.

Some testimonials from runners include this from John P in Missouri: “I joined as a celebration/reward for my youngest brother’s hard work over the past two years to change his life and get fit. Besides, who can miss a chance to have a party on an island of beautiful beaches with people from South Louisiana? They’re pros at this kind of thing!”

Deborah T from Central City, Louisiana, said: “Making epic memories, with fantastic running friends in beautiful places is what the Crazy Train is all about. Bermuda hold on to your Triangle..... Here we come!!! Ba ha ha!!!”

Amanda H, from Baton Rouge in Louisiana said: “I want to get a tan in January out of the Bermuda sun and earn some pretty snazzy race medals doing the Bermuda Challenge three-day race. Can’t ask for a better group to train, run and travel with year round.”

Some like it hot: the Crazy Train group at the Hot Chocolate 15K event in Atlanta