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‘Red ball attracting children to the game’

Proud moment: Jaegar Snaith shows off her medal. Also pictured from left, Jovan Whitter, Gavin Manders and Tego Bean

MTM hosted their annual Red Ball Championships on Sunday, with 40 children from all over the island competing in the event at Fairmont Southampton Tennis Club.

Red ball has proved a great way for players to start out in tennis and is predominantly targeted at younger players, played on smaller courts with shorter rackets and softer balls.

It is just like the full format of the game and gives players opportunities to have long rallies and play different types of shots.

The ball is 75 per cent slower than a yellow ball, which has been developed to make it easier for beginner and recreational children and adult players learn the game, and thus enhance their enjoyment of tennis.

“The main goal of the MTM Movement is grow the game of tennis in Bermuda, from the grass roots and elite junior levels so that there is bigger crop of players for the future,” said Gavin Manders, of Manders Tennis Management.

“This event truly showed that the game is growing, and now it’s our jobs to keep the children involved in the game for as long as we can so that they have the opportunity to develop.

“Modifying the balls and equipment makes it more fun for the children, as they can be more successful at an earlier age, which increases the chances of them staying in the game long term.

“We had top local juniors who were helping umpire the games, so that the children got to interact and meet Bermuda’s best, and hopefully get inspired.

“It’s also a great teaching tool for our top juniors to interact and learn how to give back to the generation under them, so we can truly help build a development plan that can sustain itself long term.

“I couldn’t be happier, and more thankful to all the clubs, and coaches that helped make the event a huge success.”