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Hoteliers attend energy-saving workshop

Hoteliers attended an energy summit yesterday

Local hoteliers learnt yesterday about energy-saving initiatives at a workshop at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

Success stories in the Caribbean region were shared at the Hotels Energy Efficiency Workshop and attendees discussed the challenges and successes here in Bermuda.

Loreto Duffy-Mayers, workshop facilitator, has experience in assisting hotels throughout the Caribbean to reduce their operating costs through greater energy efficiency.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Walter Roban, said: “The Department of Energy was pleased to offer this opportunity to Bermuda’s hotels.

“Globally, hotels are one of the most energy-intensive businesses with correspondingly high energy costs.

“Energy efficiency may provide savings of 20 per cent or more and is one of the most controllable operating costs. Government is pleased to once again be able to assist our hotels in mapping out ways in which to lower their operational energy costs, allowing them to better and more affordably service their customers in Bermuda.”