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Commissioner reveals police officer made death crash video public

The fatal crash occurred at the Rubis Terceira North Shore gas station (File photograph)

CCTV footage of a fatal road crash was released to the public by a police officer, The Royal Gazette can reveal.

Acting Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons said the officer had admitted he had posted the video on social media.

Mr Simons said: “After the officer noticed that the video was being shared widely within the community, he immediately came forward, took responsibility for his actions and apologised.

“This avoided what may have been a lengthy investigation into what transpired.

“The matter is now under disciplinary review by the professional standards department to determine the suitable outcome.”

Mr Simons added: “I am deeply troubled that we have let the community down by this action.

“We exist to make Bermuda safe and causing distress or harm like this is simply unacceptable.”

He said: “I unreservedly apologise to family and friends of the deceased, to the staff at the gas station who may have been scrutinised and the community as a whole for the impact this has caused.

“We can and will do better.”

He was speaking after Jahtino Richardson-Martin was killed in a crash on North Shore Road in Smith’s on Wednesday.

The footage, which showed the collision involving Mr Richardson-Martin’s bike and a car, appeared to have been recorded by CCTV cameras at the Rubis Terceira’s North Shore gas station.

Police this week highlighted that the video had been posted on social media and appealed to the public not to share it.

A spokeswoman said at the time: “This is a very difficult time for those affected by this incident and graphic nature of the video, will no doubt cause further distress to families and parties involved. The video is also part of an ongoing investigation.

“We are urging members of the public to refrain from sharing and to delete this video, should you receive it.”

Teddy Terceira, the gas station’s general manager, said when he found out the video had been viewed by the public, he launched an internal review to make sure none of his staff members had released the footage.

Mr Terceira added: “We looked through all of the footage from the office where the CCTV is accessed and viewed.

“I broadcast to my staff that we were investigating it and told them not to share any footage.

“We confirmed categorically it was not originated from our team.”