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Help asthma sufferers stay healthy at school

Stay safe: Make sure teachers know your child has asthma

A new school year brings special challenges for the 2,000 children in Bermuda with asthma.

The disease is the main reason why students miss classes, according to Open Airways. The asthma charity yesterday offered the following tips for keeping children healthy:

Tips for parents:

• Children should see their paediatrician every year and have a personal action asthma plan

• Make sure their name is on the school asthma registry

• Make sure your child’s teacher knows they have asthma and understands the severity

• Always have a reliever inhaler (Ventolin or Airomir) and a spacer clearly marked in the child’s school bag or locker. Parents of young children should give these to the teacher for safekeeping

• Encourage children to maintain a healthy diet and get plenty of fresh air and exercise

• Ensure your child uses their preventer inhaler every day to keep their asthma away.

Tips for teachers:

• Know which students have asthma and understand the severity of their condition

• Make sure their name is on the school asthma registry

• Know how to recognise and respond to an acute asthma episode

• Ensure easy access to reliever inhalers (usually Ventolin or Airomir)

• Reliever inhalers must be taken on school trips

• Ensure that the classroom environment is favourable for students with asthma: open your windows every day, do not allow perfume to be used, do not use aerosols, sprays or plug-ins to freshen the air.