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A few of our favourite pond creatures

The Primary 6 students of Kristi Foggo were looking at a pond habitat and the different animals found within this habitat and how the animals adapted. The students reported on their research in a series of non-chronological reports.PlantsJahleya Lindo: There are many different living things in a pond habitat like fish, ducks, raccoons, cattails, frogs, water spiders, sea snails, and crayfish. But one of my favourites is the water lily. They are very pretty as they float on the surface of the pond. They are also a resting place for tired frogs. The water lily also serves as protection for smaller animals that live in the pond, which use them to hide under when they are being chased by a predator. The water lily is an important plant and producer in the pond habitat.InsectsRhanai Williams: A Water Snail is a very important part of the pond habitat. They eat the algae and moss that grows on the rock structure within the pond and this helps to keep it healthy and clean even though a pond can look dirty. This is important because a pond is a habitat which must have the right balance so that all the animals and plants found in this habitat can survive. A fish called and “algae-eater' keeps the pond free of germs, too. They also eat algae off of the other fish. .CrayfishIsaiah Camara: My favourite creature in the pond is the crayfish.The crayfish adapts to this environment because it uses its claws to hold its prey while it is eating it. Here is a pond food chain: Stone wart, plankton, crayfish, catfish. The arrows in the food chain are important because they show the direction of the flow of energy through the food chain. There are different food chains and food webs in a pond habitat.FishCedar Chew: One of the animals that lives in the pond habitat is the catfish. This fish is an important part of this habitat. One of the reasons why this is so, is because they are on the top of the food chain in the pond. This means that they are a consumer. Without the catfish, all the smaller fish would multiply and there would be too many of them in the pond. The catfish helps to keep the pond habitat balancedTurtlesAllondre Brangman: The turtle, which is one of my favourite animals, hides by camouflaging with the green plants, and his shell is hard so that it is difficult for it to get hurt by other predators in the pond habitat. The turtle also eats small fish and insects that are found here. He helps to keep the insect and small fish population in balance. The turtle is an important part of the pond habitat.DucksKyra John: My favourite animal that is found in the pond habitat is the duck. The duck adapts in the pond habitat by using his wide duck beak to catch his prey. They can scoop the prey up from the shallow water with ease. Ducks are very important in the pond habitat.FrogsIsaiah Grant : A frog is an amphibian. He too lives in the pond habitat. They lay eggs which hatch into tadpoles. Their skin helps them to adapt to the pond habitat. The frog is a very important part of the habitat as he eats the flies that fly around the pond.RacoonsAlex Gibbons: In the pond habitat, the raccoon adapts by having strong, sharp claws that allows him to catch his prey usually fish as they swim by. The raccoon is one animal found in a pond habitatAdrian Porter: My favourite animal is the raccoon. It lives on the land. The raccoon gets its food from the pond. He uses his claws to catch a fish.