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Women in engineering

Gift of knowledge: female students listen to engineers

Grade 10 and 11 female students of Mount Saint Agnes Academy were given the gift knowledge last Thursday, January 8, from two Ascendant Group Engineers.

Elizabeth Davidge and Stephanie Adderley visited MSA to provide an overview of career opportunities in engineering, a path that has been rewarding for both of them. Their discussion with the students is part of a larger mission to raise the awareness Island-wide about the benefits of a career in engineering and to encourage women to enter the field.

“Ever since joining the company, Ascendant has made great efforts to work with schools in educating about what engineering is, how one obtains a degree, and what opportunities are available,” said Ms Adderley. “There are boundless prospects,” Ms Davidge said. “The engineering profession is rapidly developing and presents great opportunities for creative problem solvers who really want to make a difference in shaping the future, which some women find attractive in the career.”

The two engineers have spoken at career fairs, accommodated work placement programs, and delivered presentations across the Island, including some pre-schools.

“Knowledge now is important because it opens more opportunities when students are considering their college or university choices,” explained Ms. Adderley.

“After all, every good engineer plans ahead.”