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Three and easy for young athletes

Speed demons: from left, Nicholas Pilgrim, David Darrell and Shayla Cann

The Front Street Mile was held under near perfect conditions on Friday night and the streets were lined with people there to cheer on the students and the other athletes competing.

Oh, what a night it was! Warwick Academy had many students once again qualify for the Front Street Mile all who gave an outstanding effort but, at the end of the night, Warwick Academy came away with the winner of the Primary Girls, Middle School Boys and Senior School Boys.

As many as 12 Primary students qualified, with Year 6 superstar Shayla Cann winning the Primary Girls in an outstanding effort.

Adriana Argent, Asia-Leigh Hollis, Daria Desmond, Ashley Dasilva, Isabella Charleson and Lindsay Mawer all produced a tremendous effort and did so well in the Primary Girls Division.

Tajai Goater was fifth and Maximillian Reid sixth in the Primary Boys and were joined by Fiachra McDonnell, Callum MacFarlane and Luke Foster. Not to be out done, Nicholas Pilgrim won the Middle School Boys’ division after he had qualified with the fastest time.

Running with Nicholas, Andrew Dasilva and Thierry Burgess ran a wonderful race.

In the Middle School Girls’ Division, Warwick had five fantastic qualifiers with sisters Holly Bruton and Jessica Bruton coming fourth and 5th respectively.

Marion Chevereau, Amber Simons and Brianna Mawer ran a tremendous race as well. Capping off the night was the outstanding third-time win in the Senior Boys’ Division for Head Boy and Year 13 student David Darrell.

Most winners are thrilled to have claimed the Front Street Mile once but David has done it three times! Hard work, dedication to the sport of running and lots of effort has certainly paid off for David and this will be his last year running in this division as he heads off to University next year.