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How is a paper produced?

Power of the pen: Year 4 MSA students take a tour of The Royal Gazette. (Photograph by Blaire Simmons)

Year 4 MSA students aged between nine and ten years joined us at The Royal Gazette last week for a tour of the building and to learn more about what it takes to produce a newspaper.

The students are preparing to design their own newsletter for their school.

Whilst here, Young Observer took the opportunity to interview the students on their aspirations and future vision for Bermuda. Career dreams included: teachers; accountants; policemen; footballers; motocross riders; games engineers; dancer; gymnasts; architects; pilots; construction workers; meteorologists and a YouTuber or underwriter …

If you were Premier for the day what would be your plan?

Keegan Jones: “To tell everyone in Bermuda to stop littering and doing bad stuff.”

Jacob: “I would go and talk to people about trash and the environment.

“Help the homeless. Eat healthy and tell people not to eat too much junk food.

“Explore, write down notes and have fun!”

Davis: “Get up, take a shower, drive to work, do my work, drive home, make dinner, brush my teeth and go to bed.”

PJ: “I would ride my hover board all day.”

Aidan: “I would try to stop pollution and make it a day where nobody took out motorised vehicles.

Mia: “I would put Nirvana, Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode on the radio.”

Anijahe: “I would buy a machine, then buy CR7 lava boots, buy a jet, get an iPhone6 and ask for peace in the world.”

Katrina: “I would give the homeless homes and food.”

Marcus: “I would make the roads bigger for bigger cars and reduce people’s bills.”

What favourite three items would you take on holiday with you?

Ipads were in first place closely followed by hoverboards with swim clothes, pets, family and friends, too.