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Visions for a better Bermuda

Mount Saint Agnes Academy

Two students from Mount Saint Agnes Academy share how we can make Bermuda better.

Sabrina Dasilva, Grade 10

My vision for Bermuda is that we become a greener and Earth-friendly Bermuda, so that we can preserve the beauty of our island for future generations.

Emily Sinclair, Grade 10

As Bermudians, we judge other individuals for being their real selves. We don’t accept different; everyone must stick to the status quo. People are afraid of being themselves because of what others think.

This should change; no one should be scared of being who they are.

We can make Bermuda better by being ourselves, not pretending to be something we’re not, and accepting others as they are. There is no one better than you.

Our country can thrive by allowing people to be different and original. It is my hope for the future that individuals recognise the true beauty within and embrace their uniqueness.