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Musical talent oozes out of Year 6 group

Summer tunes: left to right, Ava Gibson, Ruth Excell, Emily David, Anya Podgaits, Ava Adams, Millie Lewis

We are a very musical group in Primary 6 at BHS. A small group of us have performed in our classrooms for our classmates and teachers on many occasions, including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and assembly. We have also performed at the ramp during morning drop-off.

This year, we decided to have an outdoor concert for the summer. We chose the picnic area near the amphitheatre as it has a “summer feel” about it.

For our first song, Ava Gibson and Anya Podgaits performed O Mio Babbino Caro on violin and cello. Then Ruth Excell played Yankee Doodle on her saxophone. Some of the parents who came to watch sang along with us. Ava Adams then did a flute solo entitled The Bear Went Over the Mountain accompanied by Dr Tully on the piano. Finally, Ava Adams and Millie Lewis performed a duet on the piano called Heart and Soul. It was super windy the day we did our concert, so we had to hold the music down with clothes pegs.

We will all miss our teachers Mrs Renaud, Miss Cordeiro and Mrs Chlebek and the concerts in their rooms when we move into secondary in September. We just want to thank everyone for coming to our concerts and putting up with squeaky notes and sticking keys.

A special thank you to Dr Tully for organising all of these concerts and making music so much fun for us. Thanks for the pizza parties too.

Every time we have played it has been an amazing experience with laughing, pizza faces and lots of fun.

Thanks to Mrs Crawford for letting us use her room to practise and for helping us.