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Hallowe’en Howlers’ music is scarily good

Scary tunes: the Hallowe’en Howlers, of BHS, performed in costumer at a special concert

Last week before midterm, we did a Hallowe’en Concert at the Ramp along with other musicians from Primary and Secondary.

We called ourselves the Hallowe’en Howlers because that is the name of one of the scary pieces that we performed. Also, it reminded us of the howling wind in Hurricane Nicole!

We all wore witches hats to make the concert more festive. Addy had a vampire costume but she had to take the vampire teeth out to play her flute!

Our senior quintet “The Five Fires” started us off with the famous Ghostbusters piece of music, then Isla Curtis and Lily Butler from Year 4 played a scary song on their guitars called The Witch’s Song.

While they were playing, Hannah Taylor and Anne-Camille Haziza from Year 5 sang the words of The Witch’s Song, all about a scary witch and her scary cat.

Our teacher Dr Tully put all the music in a minor key, which makes everything sound really terrifying.

All of the musicians then joined in to play pieces such as The Scary Graveyard, and Did I See A Witch Last Night.

Charlotte Millington from Year 4 joined us for the first time this year. She has only been playing her saxophone for a few weeks, but she played really well.

We are now looking forward to performing together during the busy Christmas season when we shall play lots of Christmas carols together.

At Christmas we decorate our instruments with ribbons around them

As a reward for playing so well last week, we all had a lovely pizza lunch.