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Do you have a Floordrobe?

Clear the clutter: a tidy room can actually helpt to motivate you

So you have a messy room, right?

Lot’s of people do. Commonly, teenagers bedrooms are the messiest.

A “Floordrobe” as it’s known, is where all your clothes are scattered around the floor, in no sort of order.

Are they clean? Who knows.

You might be thinking, “well at least I know where everything is in my messy room”.

Well, possibly, but think about this, if you can’t even organise and tidy your room, how are you going to organise your thoughts, life, goals, etc.

It might seem like there is no connection, but rest assured, there is.

Having a mindset of being tidy, being efficient and organised, is a habit which will help you many times over in life. It will help you to go after the things you want, to ace that job interview because you researched the company properly, and many more things.

There are benefits to tidying your room and keeping it clean.

You may have heard the quote “Tidy desk, Tidy mind”. This rings true.

After all, if your thoughts are organised and efficient, why would you let your room become so messy?

It should be simplistic, neat and tidy, clean and organised, ready for anything you want to find or do in that space.

Your bedroom should be relaxing, motivational, and a nice area to be in! It’s not hard to clean a messy room, in fact, let’s go over very quickly.

How to clean a messy bedroom.

• Remove everything you’re throwing away. So first tidy and remove all of the food wrappers, empty boxes, packaging, etc, and put it in a bin liner. The rubbish.

• Now remove the things in the room you don’t want to keep. Put them in the bag as well, unless you’re going to sell them.

• Next group items into areas where they are going to be used; clothes near the bed, on shelves/wardrobe, if available.

• Organise your items with the most-used possessions at the front, or on display and the least used things stored in cupboards, boxes, etc.

• Now it’s time to clean the surfaces, vacuum the floor, remove dust, hairs, stains, etc

• Keep it tidy! Now you’ve tidied it, why not keep it that way?

To keep a room tidy, just adopt the mindset of being clean and organised, in every area of your life. Your job, your social life, etc, be on the ball!

Your room motivates you when it’s tidy.

You can actually use your room to motivate you to do things!

If it’s tidy and simplistic, then things like putting up a note or reminder are going to work much better, as they’re not competing for attention with the rest of the clutter in the room.

Say you have a messy room, and you put a note up saying “workout three times a week’”or “remember to phone Jim” and your room is a junkyard, you’re not going to take any notice of it. If you had a clean room however, that note is going to stand out so much more, and you’ll likely see it more and act upon it.

So clean your messy room, and use it to motivate you, put up a picture of your dream job or somewhere you’d like to travel to, put up a couple of pictures of your loved ones, motivational quotes, etc!

Your room should be the most relaxing, comfortable place to be creative, and just “be”.

“Tidy Room, Tidy Mind”.