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What education means to me

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October is the month of the Rosary: MSA students, left, prayed an international rosary; one decade each in English, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish. Right, MSA students assist during MSA Mass as Altar Servers

Education is not just the classes you take but the memories that you can make and the friends that you meet. Teachers can help us, our parents can help us, but you have to be the one who decides to pay attention, to listen and to make the most of your opportunities.

I enjoy my education at MSA. The staff here are kind and the classmates too! The clubs are fun; I really enjoy debate, newspaper, drama, and concert choir (but there are so many more)! Another thing I love is that MSA is a Catholic school, so it brings us closer to God.

Education will help you get into college which helps you get a job when you’re older, so that you can pay for things and live in a house. Education gives you opportunities that you might not have without one.

I am grateful for education because other girls in this world can’t go to school and have to work at a young age. Some countries don’t allow girls to get an education. When I read about the young girl Malala, who got shot in the head for sticking up for girls’ rights to go to school; she helped me realise that I’m very lucky that I can go to school. Now I pay extra attention and try to be more grateful, like trying not to moan. Even though sometimes you just want to stay home all day, not going to school is not going to get you anywhere. School work can be tricky but you just have to give it your all. Appreciate your opportunities because a lot of kids don’t get this opportunity.

MSA students assist during the MSA Mass as Alter Servers