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Our fantastic Fandango festival workshop

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Tune-up session: BHS students Laura Frith, Y5, Addy Thorpe, Y5, Sarah Davis,, Y4, Skye Backeberg, Y5, Lily Butler, Y4, Isla Curtis, Y4. Hannah Taylor, Y5, and Charlotte LeSage, Y5, visit the Fandango workshop

During the Bermuda Festival, our music teacher Dr Derek Tully took us to City Hall to see a quartet called Fandango.

The word means a lively Spanish dance and is a fun name for a group. We had to be there by 11am so we had our recess first in the music room then walked over to City Hall.

It was a lovely sunny day. We took our musical instruments with us just in case we were asked to play.

There were four musicians in Fandango: flute, violin, guitar and cello. They came from all over the world: Bosnia, England, Spain and Colorado in the USA.

They played us music by a composer called Vivaldi who wrote music called The Four Seasons. The violinist played a part called Winter then asked us what it sounded like.

We said it made us feel cold and made our teeth chatter.

Then the flautist and violinist played a really smooth piece, which reminded everyone of ice skating in winter.

They played for us the highest and lowest notes on their instruments, from violin to cello and we were very surprised at how high and how low they could make the flute, guitar, violin and cello sound.

Finally they told us about the age of the instruments. Desiree Ruhstrat has a violin made in 1680, which means that it is over 300 years old. Then Mr Cunliffe, the cellist, told us that his cello was 200 years old, which means that it was built in 1817.

After the workshop, we met Fandango and had our picture taken with them, before walking back to school to prepare for our Valentine Concert at the Ramp next morning.