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Students get bonnets on for Easter concert

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Last week our BHS musicians visited Westmeath to perform our Annual Easter Concert for the seniors there. We all wore our Easter bonnets for the occasion — even our teacher Dr Tully!

The seniors are always pleased to see us and they were waiting in the recreation area when we arrived.

Our trio of flautists — called “The Three Amigos”, Laura, Sarah and Addy — started off our concert with pieces called Merrily and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

We saw the seniors tapping their feet to the music!

We were next to play our saxophones. When we started playing When the Saints go Marching In, many of the seniors started singing along with us.

This year we brought along four guitarists — Lily Butler and Isla Curtis from Y4 and Hannah Taylor and Anne Camille Haziz from Y5. They performed a guitar piece which they wrote themselves. Everyone loved it as they sang and played their guitars.

One of our senior students, Gabriella Madeiros, performed a violin solo called Theme from Titanic and this was followed by the Four Fires — Year 8 students Nia Rynne, Charlotte Weinstein, Aria Turchiaro and Ariana Lowther, who, with flutes and violins and piano, performed a piece by Wolfgang Mozart.

As a finale, our senior wind and string ensemble played music which everyone in the room knew — Daisy Daisy and In our Easter Bonnets. All the seniors and the staff from Westmeath joined in singing the words as we played.

Our principal, Mrs Linda Parker, told everyone that it was lovely to see how all the residents enjoyed the Easter Music which the BHS children brought to Westmeath.

And now, we start preparing for our summer concert.