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Club shines light on Braille

East End Primary Braille Club

One day, while prefecting in Primary Four, I noticed and observed Miss Zuill assisting a student who was working on a Braille writer.

I asked Miss Zuill about Braille and she explained it to me even though she was just learning about it herself. While standing next to Miss Zuill, I asked if we could have a Braille club at East End Primary.

Miss Zuill discussed the idea with her Braille teacher, Mrs Roberts, and the next day Miss Zuill replied, “Yes!” I was so excited!

Finally, on January 31, 2017, Miss Zuill started a Braille club at East End Primary with a total of 14 students who showed great interest and curiosity in learning Braille.

Classes were held every Monday from 3.30pm to 5.30pm in the school’s computer lab. Some of the students in P4 Stowe mentioned that they wanted to learn Braille so that they could help their visually challenged classmate or assist someone else in the community.

During our Braille lessons, Miss Zuill downloaded the Perky Duck on the computers which allowed us to learn Braille. After participating in the Braille club from January to date, all participants, including myself, have had the opportunity to:

• Research information and the biography of Louis Braille

• Learn about the six main keys in Braille

• Practice the alphabet

• Solve a “Murder Mystery” by translating words to Braille

• Solve Braille word search puzzles

• Decode “Secret Message Letters” in Braille

• Write and read Braille (write Braille into words and words into Braille)

• Make Mother’s Day cards with poems in Braille

Although this is my last year at East End Primary School, I am glad that I had the opportunity to be a part of the first Braille club at my school.

Hopefully, Miss Zuill continues the club in September so that other children will have the same opportunity and exposure to Braille as I had.

Maybe the idea of implementing a Braille Club will spread to other schools.

A BIG “Thank-You” to Louis Braille for inventing Braille and an even BIGGER “THANK-YOU” to Miss Zuill for giving up her personal time to teach us about Braille!