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The start of an exciting new chapter

Some of the Saltus SGY2 students who went on the Canadian University Tour.

Last month 29 Saltus SGY2 students went on a tour of Canadian universities.

The students described the trip as informative, inspiring, educational, exhausting, helpful and exciting all at the same time.

We asked the students to share their thoughts on some of the universities they visited.

“My top three were Brock University, Wilfrid Laurier and Acadia University. They all have my programme. I want to be a teacher. However Brock University was my favourite because I liked the campus too.” — Logan Aguiar.

“Brock University, Saint Mary’s University and King’s University College, I liked these schools because they were the ones I really gravitated to. I liked the location, the school campus itself, the programmes and the residence. For these reasons I think these will be the main schools I will be applying to.” — Kelly Simmons.

“I’m proposing to study a pre-med programme. University of Western Ontario, I thought it was rather big. I enjoyed the complexes within the campus. There was a variety of modern buildings with a range of clubs and places to study and relax. Dalhousie University, I really enjoyed this university with their range of complexes and reference centres.” — Zajae Lee.

“I’m proposing to study IT at Ryerson. It has good courses, a nice campus and is close to the airport. University of Waterloo is a great campus and York also.” — Zara Francis Robon.

“McMaster University is a beautiful campus and has programmes I am interested in. I want to study geography and psychology.” — Dylan Somerville

“I am proposing to study biology, bio-med, health, and pre-med at the University of Guelph. They have the programmes I want with the right prerequisites and the school just gave me a good feeling. St Mary’s, I love the area and the school seems nice with a family community and they have a great co-op programme.” — Amalia Pontes

“I am proposing to study business management. Brock University and Saint Mary’s University, they are interesting and they are not far away from the city. The schools are exciting and welcoming.” — Matea Isaac

“I am proposing to study maths and engineering. I found McMaster, Queen’s University and Western University all great for maths and physics.”— Jack Brown

The group visited the following universities:

King’s University College; University of Western Ontario; Brescia University College; Huron University; Brock University; McMaster University; University of Waterloo; Wilfrid Laurier University; Queen’s University; St Lawrence College; York University; Ryerson University; University of Toronto; University of Guelph; Dalhousie University; Mount Allison University; Saint Mary’s University and Acadia University.

Tour chaperones were: Mrs Tanja Walker, Mr James Anthony, Mr Patrick Mahon and Mrs Sarah Rossides.