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Prince Harri is new mascot

Harrington Sound Primary students have been celebrating the arrival of their new school mascot.

Staff and students submitted a variety of ideas for a mascot but Harri Ray came out a clear winner.

Ms Weeks, the principal, said: “The rays have a natural home in the sound and have been featured in various scientific research projects so a ray was an easy choice.”

Anaya Clark, age 8, interviewed Ms Weeks to find out more about the mascot.

Ms Weeks said: “The mascot will build school pride and create a fun atmosphere. Harri Ray will have a busy time as he will be out at races, games, charity walks and sports day. Keep a look out as Harri will be out in the community soon.”

Harri the Stingray

Amira El Karfa, age 10

Today was the funniest assembly ever. We were introduced to our new school mascot. The moment I saw Harri I started to laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes. He did the silliest dance so hilarious. Gabby and I got to touch Harri. It was a wonderful sensation as he felt like the softest cloud in the sky that you could lay on all day. I really hope we get to see Harri soon

Today’s Assembly

Sinai Simons, age 9

On the morning of February 2, we had a special assembly. Our principal, Ms Weeks, gave out honourable mentions to various students. Then she announced we had a special guest who would be our school mascot.

First we saw a flutter of a flipper from behind the curtain. All the little children were so excited. As Harri entered the assembly hall, the crowds cheered with excitement.

Harri’s costume felt so soft and it was beautifully made with brilliant school colours. It was so much better than I imagined and is something that we can be very proud of. One day I hope I can have the experience of wearing the costume as I am a really good dancer.

The Appearance of Harri

Zaela Nisbett, age 9

“It’s the mascot, it’s the mascot.” That was me, knowing that the stingray behind the curtain was Harrington Sound’s new mascot. Today was the day Harri arrived. At first, it was just any other assembly but was I in for a surprise.

The students were sitting patiently as Ms Weeks said: “We have a very special guest that will probably be very tired because he has travelled all the way from the other side of Harrington Sound.”

The excitement was incredible as Harri started to dance. Students could not believe their eyes — it was such a special moment. Harri is a great addition to our Harrington Sound family.