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Mistake to mess with trash

Warwick Academy is shown in this file photograph

Dear Sir,

I have recently become concerned about our island’s weekly domestic trash collection and believe that the schedule should return to its early state of twice-a-week.

Some people have argued that once-a-week collection will encourage people to eliminate the amount of trash they are using. However, having once-a-week trash pick-up means trash is hanging around on private properties for longer, creating potential problems.

In addition, some people have argued that once-a-week trash collection decreases the amount of traffic and noise from the streets, but it actually creates more as garbage trucks take longer at stops as there is a large build-up of trash over seven days.

On the other hand, the arguments for twice-weekly collection are very strong. Firstly, twice-a-week trash pick-up should occur because buying proper storage units to store the week’s trash adds to the cost of trash collection. Families can produce lots of trash in a week and the change compels them to buy a larger storage unit to hold the week’s trash. It should be obvious that people do not want to be paying more than they have to.

Furthermore, condo and apartment dwellers don’t have lots of outside storage space. If you have little storage space, garbage will pile up and start to smell.

On the other hand, if garbage is placed outside in the bins and picked up twice-a-week, this will eliminate odours and the wretched sight of garbage accumulating in the large bins behind apartment and condo complexes.

Do you want rats invading your garbage? Every person in their right mind would not want rodents digging through trash and creating a mess. This can cause health issues as rats carry harmful diseases. Twice-a-week trash collection means garbage will be picked up regularly, so rats will no longer be a problem.

Most people will agree with the decision to change the trash schedule back to twice-a-week because all trash is smelly and gross.

Yours faithfully,

Adriana Argent

Year 7