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Exploring themes through the lens

Summer snaps: the 2019 BNG Art + Technology Summer Camp proved to be educational and fun for the students

The 2019 BNG Art + Technology Summer Camp Programme (formerly known as Youth Camera Action) gave middle schools students ages 11 to 14 years old opportunities in developing their photography skills through various creative learning strategies while developing a portfolio of images.Since starting in 2009 in partnership with Family Centre, the programme had reached over 2000 students. Over the years, BNG has offered special programmes to Dellwood Middle school, TN Tatem Middle School, Bermuda High School, while offering teacher training to the Ministry of Education and Bermuda Union of Teachers. The programme continues to collaborate with other local organisations such as the Coalition for the Protection of Children, The Bermuda Police Service Community Action Team, the Department of Child & Family Services, and Family Centre.The students focused on the theme “Artist as Activist”. Students were encouraged to select one social issue locally or globally that they were most passionate about to research and study during the “Artist as Activist” week. If you have any comments or questions about the Art & Technology Lab Programme, please contact BNG Education & Communication Officer Ms Dany Pen at education@bng.bm / 295-9428. • Discrimination/RacismDesmond, age 12People of colour have been discriminated against throughout centuries, and still to this day it can also be quite prevalent in sports as well. Racism is when a person or a group of people discriminates due to race, however racism is not as cruel as it was many years ago. Raheem Sterling, Mario Balotelli and many others have been insulted and verbally assaulted while playing football, however people are slowly making a change and creating awareness like me. We are all people and we all should have the same rights, regardless of our race, religion, gender and physical appearance and we should except them for who they are. • LGBT Skye, age 12Discriminating against non-heterosexual people I feel is wrong. People have the right to their beliefs, but to discriminate verbally and physically is a different story. Understand that the LGBTQ+ community are not trying to endanger the everyday life of general population. So, on the behalf of the LGBTQ+ community regardless whether you accept their way of life, changing them is not the way to go because they have the right to love. I don’t expect to change your view, but I at least hope to have educated you on the cause. So, I hold up the umbrella for all those who need shelter from the storm.• PovertyZuri, age 14We as Bermudians all experience some effects of poverty in our everyday life. Bermuda can be very expensive when it comes to buying the basic needs of every human being. Since foods in Bermuda are very expensive it may be hard to buy food for your family. According to expatistan.com a basic lunch cost up to $24 in Hamilton. These prices are clear indications why adults may feel the biggest effect of poverty when just trying to provide lunch for their families to eat. I feel that tax should be reduced so that at least everyone can eat. I hope that one day Bermuda’s prices can become more affordable for those that are less fortunate.• BullyingLara, age 11Bullying is when someone is being hurt either by words or actions. Bullying could happen anywhere in your community however most bullying happens online and at school. Bullying can occur because people are jealous or intimidated by a difference in characteristics. Cyber bullying is when people utilise social media and the internet to harass and make fun of others. It is important to tell a trusted adult if you are a victim of bullying and others need to know that it is critical to not just be a bystander and help the victim. Advocacy is important and your best advocate is yourself!• Global warming Maia, age 14 I have a growing concern for the future health of our Earth due to the increase in pollution. Many people do not realise the large amount of waste being tossed on to the ground and oceans and how it is also in our air. Land and sea animals have been affected by the pollution and many have been killed by the waste because they consume the rubbish thinking it is food. I believe that spreading awareness of the damage pollution causes, and what further damage it can continue to cause, will help to change the problem before it becomes irreversible. • Affordable healthcare Zylah, age 13 I feel that Bermuda’s healthcare should more affordable for the average citizen because it is extremely costly and not affordable for all. Statistics shows that in 2018, Bermuda’s spending on health coverage exceeds $11,952 which is the highest in the world. If people can’t afford proper health insurance and are put in a position where they need medical attention, they can’t afford all the expenses, so the money has to come from their pocket and that can usually cost around $200-400. I believe the cost of healthcare should decrease so that no one must suffer and can have a fair access to treatment. • AbuseAdore, age 12 There are many children in Bermuda who have abusive home environments and they deserve a voice. Abuse can be physical, emotional, sexual and neglect.Neglect is when the parents of the child are not providing them with their basic needs. Child abuse is not right, and we often do not know what’s going on behind closed doors.We should enable children to protect themselves and to escape the abusive environment. They also need to know that it is OK to inform a trusted adult. Child abuse is unethical, and we need to bring light to this dark issue. Let’s end child abuse one voice at a time.• Animal rightsBryanna, age 13I am passionate about domestic animal rights because animals don’t have a voice so we have to speak up for them. Animals have a right to a loving family and a proper home. Some people buy animals not knowing that having pets is very expensive and time-consuming.In the future, I believe that before buying pets people should be educated about the true nature of caring for an animal. Anyone considering adopting or purchasing a pet must ensure that the can provide the animal with the essentials. Just like humans pets require a safe living space, a place to move freely, proper food and water, and doctor visits.