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A Family Christmas

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Dylan Wilson

On Sunday December 12, 2010, two weeks before Christmas, I woke up to the smell of freshly baked cookies with red and green sprinkles layered on top of the delicious snack. It seemed like Christmas was here already with the wonderfully decorated Christmas tree in the corner of the family room and the red skirt circled around the bottom of it. My house was decorated with Christmas colours lighting and sparkling as the sun began to go down. At night everybody drove by looking at the wonderful creation my family and I decorated together.Days went by quickly and as I looked on my calendar there was only one week left until Christmas. All the Christmas pudding was made in preparation for Christmas. My parents had already bought my presents but wouldn't tell me where they were. My family and I decided to take a drive to see all the decorated houses on Saturday evening.On the way we were listening to Christmas carols and drinking eggnog. We noticed many different decorations like a red and green-lighted house with an inflatable Santa waving his hand. I thought that was pretty cool. The next day was Sunday. My mom woke me up early to go to church. We sang Christmas carols and talked about the meaning of Christmas and how Jesus was born that day.The next day my granny made Cassava pie and Christmas pudding for the Christmas dinner. My mom had arranged for the family to come over for Christmas dinner and they were all going to bring different dishes for this special occasion.After that we went to town to see the Christmas lights and picked up a couple things. We saw many people getting their last minute things. Everybody was very much in the Christmas spirit, laughing and having a good time. When I got home I crossed out another day. Five more days until Christmas! I couldn't believe it. There were stockings everywhere. We were watching Christmas movies and enjoying tasty cookies. Every night I would sit by the tree and watch television and just think, wow!As I looked on the calendar there were two more days until Christmas. That day my family and I just watched movies and relaxed. The next day was Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas I said I can't wait to see what I get for Christmas. It finally arrived. I had gone to sleep around 11pm the night before, but woke up to the sound of Christmas music and everybody running out of their beds to see what they had gotten. My baby brother ran into my bedroom and said: “Dylan, Dylan, wake up and come see what mommy got you!” I said, “Wait. I'm coming.” So I got up and went to see what was there. I got some great presents and thanked my parents. That evening was the Christmas dinner. Everybody came over and had a great time.