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August: Voices

The Non-Mariners Wet Rocket (left) before it sent Premier Ewart Brown into outer space during the non-Mariners raft race. To the right are brides from the SOB Refugees, in search of Bermudian husbands willing to foot the bill to license them.

“We've provided some transportation. He's going to need some horsepower. It's a non-voyage.” A non-mariners race participant prepares to launch a dummy of Premier Ewart Brown into space on a homemade rocket.“We are celebrating the fact that we are free as a people. That type of behaviour really doesn't help us to embrace that oneness that Cup Match can become in the future. For cricket lovers, that is an abomination.” Cricket-loving Senator Marc Bean lambasts Cup Match spectators who turned the pitch rain cover into a giant waterslide.“Last I checked, smoking marijuana was illegal and nothing is being done about it.” Senator Micheal Dunkley expresses concern about persons he said were getting high at Cup Match in the presence of officers.“He was very embarrassed about it. After the article ran he had some calls from people who knew he had the banner and then he read the article. He felt so bad about it that he went out of his way to return it personally, driving it to Somerset at 9pm after our meeting.” Sandys Parish Council deputy chairman Rudolph Hollis on the man who stole, and then returned, one of the parish's Cup Match celebration banners.“I also have an enormous sense of achievement that I did it. There were times when I wasn't sure I would finish but I did.” 64-year-old amputee and triple bypass survivor James McCulloch after a completing a 1,000-mile cycle ride of the length of Britain.