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February: Voices

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David Saul

“The experience was unreal. It is worse than you see on TV, but people are also more hopeful than you would imagine.” Erin Lovell, 20-year-old Bermudian who went to Haiti as a volunteer to help with the earthquake recovery.“Under the Constitution, the Minister of Finance has the responsibility to protect the public purse. It is no one else's job but the Minister of Finance; no one else has that responsibility in the Constitution, not even the Premier.” Former Premier and Finance Minister David Saul comments on Paula Cox's comment that she was just a “cog in the wheel” of Government.“We do not take issue with the international business aspect of the trip but the tourism line is hogwash and a poor excuse for continuing the Premier's worldwide farewell tour.” Opposition Senator Michael Dunkley on Premier Ewart Brown's claim that his trip to India was to strengthen tourism ties.“That it is still standing is a miracle. You can't save every building, but I believe it has a special place in the hearts of the black community in that it represents the beginning of the black community post-slavery. I would love to see it restored and turned into a museum.” Historical researcher LeYoni Junos speaking after the Lane School the first school for black children after emancipation was saved from demolition.“I don't know what to feel. I have no ideas on the verdict or have come to any conclusions. I guess no matter which way you put it it's not bringing my son back.” Wayne Campbell after Sergio Pacheco was convicted of killing his 19-year-old sports star son Machai by dangerous driving.“Put simply, the history of the matter is absolutely pathetic and it has never been through the fault of the applicants.” Magistrate Juan Wolffe criticises the Department of Child and Family Services for its handling of an overseas adoption case.“The main aggravating features of this case are the fact that there were two victims, that you used extreme violence, that once you started you persisted with the attacks on the two men without mercy or remorse, and there was an element of premeditation in that you went out looking for someone to kill.” Chief Justice Richard Ground sentencing Darronte Dill to 20 years in jail for murdering Maxwell Brangman and Frederick Gilbert.“For the Government and its public pension fund to be owed more than $51 million of taxes and pension contributions that are more than three months in arrears should be, in my view, a major concern for Government. In most developed countries, taxation authorities react aggressively when employers fail to remit payroll deductions promptly. These amounts should be in Government bank accounts, reducing borrowing costs or providing investment opportunities.” Auditor General Larry Dennis in his last annual report.“Kellan Lewis had gone to the party armed with a knife and his attitude that night was that someone was going to get hurt.” Director of Public Prosecutions Rory Field in his opening speech on the first day of Lewis's trial for the murder of 18-year-old student Kellon Hill.

Proud parents: Bermuda Fire Service emergency medical technician Erin Lovell is embraced by her parents, BFS Lt. Dana Lovell and his wife Dana at L.F. Wade International Airport last night after Erin arrived home from providing aid in Haiti.