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July : voices

BAD hair day: former Bermudians Against the Draft member Shannon Adderley has his head shaved by Blades Hair Salon barber Amory Boyce yesterday. Mr. Adderley donated his hair - which was nearly 18 inches long - to Locks of Love and is to report to Warwick Camp this weekend. 1.7.10 ¬ ¬

“I am proud of my service. I am grateful for the camaraderie of these hallowed halls and for the working friendships it has allowed me to form. As I close this chapter in service to my country to looks of relief on the faces on the walls my regrets are personal and not political. My list of checked boxes far exceeds the undone and even those welcoming my exit will concede that all my effort has been put into this work.” Former Premier Ewart Brown in his final speech delivered to the House of Assembly.“I have a son. I could lose my job if I don't comply. Of course, I'm still against conscription.” Bermudians Against the Draft member Shannon Adderley describing why he decided to complete his military service.“I don't see anything here [in Bermuda] that really scares me. What I see here is a lot of opportunities to change people's lives, but it won't be done overnight, and not just by me, but through a national coordinated effort.” Assistant Police Commissioner David Mirfield after his arrival to the Island to tackle the spiralling gang problem.“These graduates represent hope for Bermuda. They are our future teachers, business executives, engineers, lawyers, carpenters, doctors, chefs, social workers and politicians. The list goes on.” The Berkeley Institute principal Michelle Simmons after revealing that 126 young men and women had graduated from the senior school.“An opportunity presented itself in a split second and he took it. I think he had a momentary lapse of judgement.” Prison Commissioner Edward Lamb tells this newspaper after the escape of “Facebook fugitive” Alvone Maybury.“I've been disappointed in the painfully slow process of including sexual orientation in the Bermuda Human Rights Act. It's been over a decade, with several groups seeking change through evidence, discussion, protest and logic, but the Government has either withdrawn, baited or remained silent. Great visionaries like Nelson Mandela, whom I would think our leaders aspire towards, know that a country can only reach as high as its most marginalised and persecuted communities.” London Pride parade participant Andra Simons, who marched in protest with others on the Island's failure to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation.“I can't believe it, it is just gone from bad to worse. The fact that at broad daylight people are shooting off guns it is just out of control.” A Somerset resident spoke of her concerns after a 30-year-old Paget man was shot in the middle of the day on Sound View Road.