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November : Voices

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To the point : A sign at the entrance of Loyal Hill North Shore Devonshire says it all .

“I was in a bad place. I was going through a very depressive state and unfortunately alcohol wasn't my choice. It was short-lived. It was a period where I wasn't with anyone. I had no real support in what I was doing. It was unfortunately one of those decisions that can cost you, and it can cost you your freedom.” United Bermuda Party by-election candidate Devrae Noel-Simmons explains why he turned to drugs, leading to a conviction for cocaine possession after being arrested in a police sting while working as a security guard at the Robin Hood pub on New Year's Eve 2008.“Don't steal in Loyal Hill.” a banner goes up on North Shore Road near where Winslow “Scaley” Williams was attacked by a group of men who believed he was a burglar.“He jumped my wall and ran past. He then turned around and tried to get into my 79-year-old mother's house. I told him, ‘No you don't. Get out of here.' He turned and yelled, ‘Are they gone yet? Are they gone yet?' before running off.” A Spanish Point resident tells how she watched a man escape after being shot at in Spanish Point Park.“I thought if I cut this line I am going to lose him, but his face was underwater and the sea was washing over him. I said ‘I am going to cut him loose because he is suffering too much. I have to let him have his peace'. I cut it and it was a terrible thing I had to do.” American sailboat captain Dennis White tells how he had to cut his close friend free to lose him at sea after he became entangled in the rigging during a storm en route to Bermuda.“I'm looking at this guy. He just represents that old regime, the UBP look. I said, ‘Mike, to tell you the truth, I don't like you because of where you are coming from. You need to convince me you are not bringing any excess baggage into this room before I even entertain joining this group.'” Bermuda Democratic Alliance leader Craig Cannonier recalls his first impression of party chairman Michael Fahy saying his studious appearance nearly put him off joining the BDA altogether and calling for people not to think before they judge others.“He was being totally disrespectful. He started inciting the crowd. I could not hear. After it had taken me three days to travel there at my own expense, I was being denied the right to hear. I jumped up and shouted to Garry Kasparov to shut up. It was complete calm after I did that.” Senior Larry Ebbin explains why he told chessmaster Garry Kasparaov to be quiet in front of hundreds of spectators at the World Chess Olympiad.

February: Timeline
Photo by Glenn Tucker Captain Dennis White is still in shock at losing his best friend William Thorn after the boat was capsized by a wave as they were sailing through the Atlantic. The Captain and Mr. Thorn's daughter Amanda Thorn were rescued after 12 days by a passing oil tanker.