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A little heat, a little pressure adds up to fabulous nails

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Roxanne Pearman's Saphora Hair & Nail Salon on Ewing Street is about to become the first certified salon offering the Minx Nail technique.
A new nail treatment has come to Bermuda courtesy of manicurist to the stars Natasha Ray. She's transformed the hands of superstar Beyonce Knowles and tennis sensation Serena Williams using Minx Nail fashion. Recently, she applied the product to Lifestyle reporter Rene Hill's nails. The result? Marvellous nails a week on.

When I went to do an interview at Saphora Hair & Nail Salon on the Minx Nails treatment offered there I never expected to become the subject of the story.However there are certain offers a girl can never turn down.The Minx treatment is a new and glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips. It boasts sparkly metallics, personalised graphics and photo-quality designs unavailable in traditional nail treatments.The product is comprised of a flexible film capable of a customised finish. Anything that the customer can conceive from the exact pattern and colour of a gown to a favourite photo is on offer.The process differs from the acrylic nails familiar to many.“Acrylic nails are used to provide enhancement while Minx is a fashionable nail accent,” said Saphora Hair and Nail Salon owner Roxanne Pearman.Mrs Pearman brought in Ms Ray to train Saphora stylists last week. “Minx is not harmful to the natural nail plate.“It is an exciting new nail accessory that extends fashion to your fingertips, which is available in a wide variety of gold and silver metallic that has never been seen in nail fashion.“There are also hundreds of standard designs and graphics; Minx can also be customised with any pattern or photo.“Because Minx is a solid nail coating, there are no fumes during application or removal. Additionally, Minx does not require any dry time.”Clients should allow at least 45 minutes for a manicure and 90 minutes for a pedicure, she added. My treatment began with a dry manicure, which was applied by Ms Ray.About three years ago she was working for a salon in Washington DC and finding it increasingly difficult to make a living.In 2007 her luck shifted when a representative from Minx Nails walked through the doors.Ms Ray's employer took the Minx sales rep's card, but tossed it shortly after she left as she didn't think the process was something that would interest her clientele.Ms Ray thought about what was being offered for a few years. Finally, she reached into the bin, grabbed the card and popped it into her pocket.As they say, the rest is history.The single mother-of-two went from being an obscure nail technician to becoming a manicurist to the stars.She now travels and trains for Minx Nails in the US. This was her first time in Bermuda.As a result of the process my nails went from grim to glam.I was offered silver and gold, but I chose to go for an understated burgundy.One week on, my Minx Nail treatment looks as good as when it was applied. For someone who regularly chips her nails, this is an exciting concept.According to Ms Ray, the average manicure lasts between four and eight days. Pedicures can last up to four weeks.“You will be a show stopper,” she promised. “People can't understand that it is not nail polish. When using nail polish you don't get the same smooth finish.“But even if you don't usually get your nails done, when I put this on you, you will love it.”She used the Minx Tease Me line on my nails.“Basically you heat the product up first until it gets floppy and then you apply it. The whole process is about heat and pressure. “It is a solid nail fill and with pressure and heat it creates something very fabulous.”The process was invented by a woman whose husband owned a body shop, she added. “Her nail polish would always chip. She needed to find something so that her polish would stay on and this is what she came up with.For more information telephone 295-8235.

Celebrity nail technician Natasha Ray was in Bermuda to teach Roxanne Pearman and her staff at the Saphora Hair & Nail Salon on Ewing Street about the Minx Nail technique.
Roxanne Pearman is shown having Minx Nails applied by celebrity nail technician Natasha Ray. Looking on are newly qualified Minx nail technicians Tudy- Anna Duhanney and Saey Santos.
Glitz and Glam with Minx Nails, as designed by celebrity technician Natasha Ray
Multiple colours with the Minx Nail technique.
The endless variety of Minx Nails
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