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A fantastic show of Bermuda fashion

The Shades of White 2010 Winter Fashion Glamour Fest was just that glamorous!Sunday evening's event at City Hall was a collaboration between JaKoMa Entertainment and the City of Hamilton's Four Seasons events.JaKoMa's Lamont Robinson said: “It was amazing, they created a beautiful atmosphere with the décor in the foyer and in the hall. The models looked fantastic it was basically a shoot and go show and from scene to scene.”Mr Robinson, who puts on bi-annual fashion shows, spent most of his time during the show behind the scenes, but he said: “One person said that they were amazed by it and the models looked like they could've been from Milan or Paris.”Of the collections, he said: “The attires were amazing and there were intriguing outfits that you would not wear, but that you could re-design to be funky if you wanted to.“And then there was really nice winter warm attire that had a flair of fashion. For instance you had jackets and they showed how you could put scarves underneath them to punch them up.“And then The Edge did four men in jackets without anything underneath and with bare legs. That was impactful it was a punch in your face like, wow, look at this. The ladies came out in a line right behind them and they had on nice shades of grey and winter browns.“There was also a nice line of dresses that would put you on the cutting edge, but where it was still elegant enough to go out and be beautiful, but some were right on the borderline where it was very sexy. Then you had some that were just glamorous where you could go to dinner or something commemorative.”n For many more pictures visit our website www.royalgazette.com