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Recipe: Low fat cassava pie

Cooked and ready to serve: Cassava pie

Cassava pie is traditionally a very high fat food rich in calories. This recipe makes one small pie using 3lbs of cassava so there are not too many fattening leftovers! There are also health concerns regarding the consumption of saturated fats, hydrogenated oils containing trans fats and cholesterol.This recipe has been developed using non-hydrogenated, soft vegetable margarine instead of butter, and egg substitute instead of whole eggs. It has about one third less fat than most traditional cassava pie recipes and is free from trans fats. The egg substitute keeps it light and moist. Make sure you save some of your skimmed chicken broth to baste your pie during baking.2 lbs skinless chicken thighs2 lbs skinless chicken breastsSimmer the chicken with a little thyme and a pinch of salt. Remove the cooked chicken from bones. Chill broth to allow the fat to come to the surface so that it can be removed.3 lbs grated cassava6 oz soft vegetable margarine (like ‘Flora’ or ‘Bertolli’) These spreads are not hydrogenated.DO NOT use ‘light’ margarines as they contain too much water.1 ½ cups sugar16 oz (2 cups) liquid egg substitute (like ‘Eggbeaters’) (equivalent to eight eggs)1 teaspoon vanilla2 teaspoons ground nutmeg2 teaspoons baking powder½ teaspoon saltSqueeze cassava (a small amount at a time) in a clean dish-towel or cheesecloth to thoroughly remove all of the juice. Crumble the dry cassava and remove any large pieces.Spray a deep, 9in pan with non-stick cooking spray. Cut a piece of waxed paper to fit the bottom of the pan and spray again with cooking spray.In a large mixing bowl, cream the margarine and sugar together. Gradually add egg substitute followed by the cassava, vanilla, nutmeg, baking powder and salt. Mix well.Spread half of this mixture on the bottom of the pan. Add the cut up chicken. Spread remaining mixture on top and poke a hole in the middle of the pie.Bake at 325 degrees for one hour and then baste with several tablespoons of broth, pouring a little into the centre hole.Continue baking for another 1 ½ to two hours.Cut into 20 pieces.Each 5 oz piece provides about 220 calories7g Fat, 11g protein, 29g carbohydrateDiabetic Exchanges: two starch and one meat.