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Bryson heads to Thailand

People in the far-off Southeast Asian nation of Thailand, who probably have never heard of little Bermuda and her people, will certainly get an excellent idea about us from 17-year-old Bryson Doers, a multi-talented recent graduate of CedarBridge Academy, where he was Deputy Head Boy. Bryson is one of four teen-aged Bermudians selected as Rotary International Exchange Students. He left on Wednesday for a year in Thailand. where he is expected to learn the language and culture of the nation of eight million people. While four locals are being sent abroad, a like number of foreign speaking students will be coming to Bermuda, spending a year in the homes of local Rotarians. A condition of the award is that students from here must go to a country where English is not the primary language. Other local exchange students due to leave shortly are fellow CedarBridge graduate, Nathan Simmons, going to Colombia; former Berkeley Institute Head Girl Kellina Minors going to Bolivia; and Chioma Nwasike, also going to Bolivia. Rotarian David Sullivan of Sandys Rotary Club, who spearheads the student exchange programme on behalf of the four local Rotary Clubs, said Bermuda has been involved in this international student programme for 30 years. During that time more than 400 students have either been sent abroad or hosted in the homes of local Rotarians. Bryson, who said his ambition is to become a lawyer, has already had a rather successful career in the music field. He is an accomplished drummer; having studied four years at Eddie Ming's Rhythm Lap; he studied violin under Tiffany Fox; Jarrid Robinson taught him piano; and he's a self-taught guitarist. For the past five years he has been drummer in the music department of Allen Temple AME Church, Somerset. He said he was excited about going to Thailand. When he applied to Rotary in January of this year he named five countries as his preference. They were Taiwan, China, Argentina, Venezuela and Japan. It was the organisation that decided he'd be going to Thailand.

Bryson Doers, the 17-year-old master drummer at Allen Temple AME Church, Somerset was given a blessed send-off Sunday by the Pastor the Rev. Howard H.L. Dill and congregation, before heading for Bangkok, Thailand for a year as an Rotary International Exchange student. The pastor cited him as a fine committed young Christian and lauded him for freely giving of his talents to the church for the past five years. Bryson is with his mother Leslie Doers, grandmother Monica Doers, and his four-year-old brother Jamon Doers, who already acts like he too is an ace drummer.