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Adventist souls are ‘under construction’

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The Annual Community Service Day was observed Saturday last at the Somerset Seventh-day Adventist Church on Beacon Hill. In past years the church singled out individuals or institutions for special recognition and citations for specific community service. But this time around Pastor DeJuan Tull proffered the entire congregation that included such dignitaries at the Minister of Community Affairs Michael Weeks, his wife, other Ministers, staff from the Cabinet Office, and various VIPs. He declared, “It is time we honour each other!” After a warm welcome, the Pastor extended an invitation for them to lunch in the church hall after the service. Pastor Tull said the Somerset church is strategically implementing a programme of community services revolving around the theme of “Under Construction.” His sermon initiated what he said is a seven-part series designed to encourage the Present Christians with hope to win, persuade, and reclaim back former believers who have left the faith and fellowship because of discouragement and feelings of defeat. Taking his text from 2 Peter: 1-11, and utilizing all of the church’s modern audio-visual facilities, Pastor Tull preached an engrossing sermon. His props at the altar included concrete blocks and visuals generally seen on a construction site. He admitted speaking from practical experience of having worked only four months in the construction field before going off to college. The devil, he said, has caused many of us to leave our first love because we felt defeated and walked off the job early before being given instruction on how Christ was going to build or understanding. That once accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior “we are all “Under Construction”. Some to their unfortunate detriment, have ignored, forgotten it, and some in all sincerity did not know it. One of the reasons of neglect may have caused 21st century disciples to go into great despair and at times because life was not going as spiritually or physically planned, they are tempted to give up or have given up. . Some do not overcome bad habits and lack spiritual victories in this present life because they do not understand the life transforming and saving principal that once accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour “we will be involved through the Holy Spirit After the service, Pastor Tull said he is confident like Paul, Timothy and even Peter, that this seven-part series will be used to transform the lives of its hearers; and by the Grace of God to produce confident, mature Victorious Citizens that will impact the world around them for good.

Pastor DeJuan Tull and wife Latoya as they greeted dignitaries going to lunch following his spirited sermon.
Pastor DeJuan Tull, fortified at times with a claw hammer and a level, was pictured in his extraordinarily decorated pulpit at his Somerset Seventh-day Church?s Annual Community Day Service.