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Bermuda singer Joy T Barnum upbeat after European tour

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Joy T Barnum on the final night of the Heather Nova Tour 2010 at the Café de la Danse in Paris.
Bermudian singer Heather Nova recently gave two rising Bermudian entertainers vocalist Joy T Barnum and violinist Taylor Rankin the opportunity of a lifetime.The pair travelled with Ms Nova as she toured Europe in October.Now back in Bermuda, Ms Barnum spoke with Lifestyle reporter René Hill about the two weeks she performed with the Heather Nova Tour 2010.

Royal Gazette What was it that you most enjoyed about the tour?Joy T Barnum: The best part of the tour was answering questions while signing albums. People actually listened to what was being said and/or sung.RG: Are you all still friends?JTB: Of course! Any selfless person who was a friend of mine before tour is most definitely still a friend.RG: I heard the streets in Paris were a little difficult to navigate, please expand.JTB: Hahahahahaha! I'm not allowed to repeat the words I heard said while driving in Paris.RG: How was your first night?JTB: Freezing! Someone failed to read the instructions for the thermostat, but by day three and layers of clothes later we sorted it out.RG: Were you nervous to perform in front of so many people?JTB: Uh, two words: I cried. I was fine until [band member] Michael [McPhee] saw the look on my face and said, “No worries right? We're in my living room writing songs as usual.”It was then that I realised the full magnitude of the situation and I had to let it out before hitting the stage!RG: What happened when you first opened your mouth and they heard you for the first time?JTB: I don't know what happened for the audience, but that's when I fell in love with my ear monitor.RG: Did it take the audience a while to warm up to you?JTB: I don't think so. They treated me like we were all long lost friends. The Heather Nova crowd is one of appreciation and that was reciprocal.RG: I understand that you were a huge hit, how is it to have fans in Europe? What was the applause like from so many people?JTB: Sweet Mary! There are no words to describe it! Overwhelming, relieving, exciting pick one or all of them and more. Surprising! Yeah! Surprising! Not because I doubt myself, but because Bermuda is so familiar.RG: Did you do any interviews?JTB: Hahahahaha! With who? No. I'm just getting Europe used to saying my name.RG: What was it like to keep up with such a gruelling schedule?JTB: I absolutely loved it! It's what I want to do. It's what I love doing!RG: You liked and appreciated Heather Nova before you left, how do you feel about her now and what would you tell others about her?JTB: I was grateful before. Now I'm grateful and in awe of the selflessness she displayed. She was nothing but gracious and she just knew the right thing to say. She made me feel like I belonged.RG: What's the greatest thing that you learned from being on the road?JTB: I learned to try my hand at saying “no” more and setting boundaries for myself. Also, that quality of life and happiness don't necessarily take place outside of oneself.RG: What is the most important thing you will take from this experience?JTB: Keep great friends close and accept help from those who are awesome enough to give it.RG: How did the funds raised help you and is there anything you'd like to say to the wider public?JTB: My word! I want to name each individual who helped me and I've tried in my new album to do just that. Bermuda National Trust helped me to have a place to lay my head. Bermuda Commercial Bank helped me to fuel the long journey. CellularOne was invaluable. Being able to contact my family from 13 different venues at any given time without any difficulty or dropped calls saved my soul. Each person who handed me money helped put food in my mouth for a month. Rock Island gourmet held a space for me and sent me messages on my tour blog at www.joytbarnum.com. I felt the love from so far away and that drove me and kept me focused on not letting anyone down.

Joy T Barnum and Michael McPhee on the final night of the Heather Nova Tour 2010 at the Café de la Danse in Paris.